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BMW Software Updates NJ

BMW Software updates NJ

Every car enthusiast’s goal is to acquire the most advance innovation in car technology.  Every car user’s need is to achieve the most efficient condition possible for his vehicle.  BMW continuously meet this goal and need by constantly improving and updating the BMW Software updates NJ.

BMW software continues to evolve and advance to provide updates that optimize and expand the electronic functionality of BMW vehicles.  Most recent and state-of-the-art software versions include upgrades that can meet the ever changing need of car enthusiasts and users as well as the ever advancing technological needs of humankind.  With BMW, driving pleasure never goes out of date.

The most recent BMW navigation system updates include digital roadmaps that provide the car user essential information for driving safety and pleasure such as:  locator maps, route guide from one point to a certain destination,  length of travel required, terrain, dirt roads, highways and expressways, scenic roads, traffic jams to avoid, available parking, nearest gas station, locators of certain facilities like hospitals, police stations, churches, schools, shopping and business centres, supermarkets, and even restaurants and hotels.

The BMW Bluetooth and AC updates provide higher levels of driving pleasure and comfort.  The latest of these updates came in late January 2013.  This new update: Code name UPD01006 improves new mobile devices’ bluetooth communication with the car’s multimedia system.  The whole thing is easy to install and can be done in matter of minutes.  What is needed is just a USB stick (FAT32format) with enough disk space.  The car must have a USB audio interface (included in optional equipment codes 6FL, 6NH, 6NK or 6NL) as well as the Control Display and iDrive.  First, download the new software from the BMW support site (make sure to enter the correct VIN-last 7 figures – in the specified window on the BMW site, in order to get the proper software update for the vehicle) and copy it unto the USB drive.  Then, insert the USB drive to the USB audio interface and access the “Software Update” option on the “Settings” menu in the Control Display.  The iDrive system will be automatically updated. Once the software has been updated, the system is restarted and data transferred from the USB device resynchronised where necessary.  After few minutes the USB devise is operational again.

Systems for smartphones, music players and tablets are developing all the time. BMW keep itself abreast with these system changes to ensure that its software applications beat the trends and meet the latest advancement.  The following BMW Software updates NJ are now available for BMW mobile users: Mobile phone Business preparation with Bluetooth interface (optional equipment, code 633), Mobile phone preparation with Bluetooth interface (optional equipment, code 644), USB audio interface for media player support (optional equipment, code 6FL), Hands-free kit with USB audio interface (optional equipment, code 6NH), Mobile phone preparation Bluetooth connectivity with USB audio interface (optional equipment, code 6NK), Mobile phone preparation Bluetooth connectivity with USB audio interface including BMW Assist (optional equipment, code 6NL), Connected Drive Services (SA 6AK), Intelligent emergency calling (SA 6AC), Convenience telephony with extended smartphone connectivity (SA 6NS), Apps (SA 6NR).